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Segwik automates your entire client life cycle, giving your clients a memorable and engaging customer journey

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Be 10x more productive than your competition, working smarter not harder.

Segwik® understands the challenges facing modern real estate and mortgage professionals. The real estate and mortgage industries are more competitive than ever, and new technologies, digital marketing, and social media are giving agents and brokers the power to reach more people, more quickly and easily. To compete, real estate agents and mortgage brokers need to work smarter, not harder. Throwing more money at advertising channels is not the solution. Honing and organizing your contacts and your workflows into a perfectly streamlined machine is what forward-thinking and innovative agents are doing. This is why Segwik was built to manage your entire client life cycle, from marketing and lead generation, to client scheduling and transaction management, to closing and post-transaction followup.

While there's no shortage of software built and tailored just for hard-working real estate and mortgage professionals, Segwik® stands alone in its ability to fit organically and ergonomically into the way you like to do business. Segwik® aims to solve business technology problems, and make your practice more efficient and more profitable than your competition.

Challenges for real estate agents and brokers Segwik® solves:

Modules Included:

  • leads Leads
  • rolodex Rolodex
  • contacts Organizations
  • service providers Service Providers
  • opportunities Opportunities
  • tasks Tasks
  • contacts R.F.P.s
  • purchase orders Purchase Orders
  • calendar Calendar
  • reports Reports
  • communications Communications


  • knowledgebase Knowledgebase
  • services Services
  • forms Referral Manager
  • buyers Buyers
  • renters Renters
  • landlords Landlords
  • investors Investors
  • properties Properties
  • forms Rental Leases
  • home sales Home Sales
  • business card scanner Business Card Scanner

Premium Add-on Modules:

  • forms Content Manager
  • social media posting Social Media Posting
  • forms Project Manager
  • forms Marketing Campaigns
  • payment processor Payment Processor

Start your trial Segwik Real Estate & Mortgage account

Built For The Modern Real Estate & Mortgage Professional

Segwik automates your entire client life cycle, giving your clients a memorable and engaging customer journey. Imagine prospecting, lead nurturing, client management and post-transaction follow up all being handled perfectly. With Segwik you can manage multiple sources of leads, and distribute them to your agents as needed. Segwik's intuitive multi-stage management system can handle your client through all parts of the client life cycle, and with SMS, Email, Push and VOIP connectivity, Segwik will handle the exact right amount of client touches to ensure "top-of-mindness". With Segwik, you will build, grow, and nurture your book of business.