Turns one-time-visitors into recurring customers with easy customer tracking tools.


Think about all of the money being left on the table because your restaurant, or bar is failing to capture the contact information of the customers walking through your door. If you turned just 20% of your customers into recurring customers, via contact capture and remarketing, your revenue would be through the roof! Segwik® gives restaurants and bars multiple ways of caturing your customers' identifies so that you can reach them again with Email blasts, SMS messages, and Facebook Messenger messages.

What is it

Segwik® understands the challenges facing today's modern restaurant, bar and eatery. Establishments face more competition than ever, and new technologies, digital marketing, and social media are giving bars, restaurants, and nightlife the power to reach more people more quickly and easily. To compete, you need to work smarter, not harder. Throwing more money at advertising channels is not the solution. Collecting customer data, retargeting, more organized marketing campaigns and business operations is the solution. This is why Segwik® was built to manage your entire customer life cycle, and business operations from marketing and lead generation, to customer engagements, to customer follow up.

There's no shortage of software built and tailored just for hard-working restaurant and nightlife establishment owners. Segwik® stands alone in its ability to fit organically and ergonomically into the way your business likes to do business. Segwik® aims to solve business technology problems, and make your practice more efficient and profitable than your competition.

Who is it for

For restaurants, bars, and nightlife establishments.

Why is it needed

Challenges for Restaurant and bar owners that Segwik® solves:

  • Running better and more organized marketing campaigns
  • Marketing from one piece of software, not several
  • Marketing yourself on the web with a better website, equipped with e-commerce functionality
  • Selling via a handheld app
  • Collecting contact information from all customers that walk through your door
  • Sending out email and text blasts to stay top of mind
  • Better tracking of inventory
  • Better tracking of Purchase Orders and Vendor Management

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