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Segwik® Customer Engagement

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It's only a surprise that 90% of new businesses fail within their first 5 years to those who haven't tried to start a business. It's no surprise to those that have started a business that 90% fail within the first five years. Business owners, who have spent countless nights not resting easy, wondering how they are going to meet payroll the following day know it all too well. But they persist day after day wondering what's missing from this picture.

What's missing is an understanding. What's missing is that just because you own a business, doesn't mean that you're an entrepreneur. And what's worse? The way you're running your business often feels more like owning a job than owning a business.

Entrepreneurs recognize that a business is a series of systems. They recognize that building a business is building it to be separate from themselves, a magic box that can just operate without the business owner there.

This is where Segwik® shines. Segwik® was built with the idea that you should build your business from the Business Management Platform outwards. Segwik® is the most organic platform to build your business, enabling you to understand who are all of the key internal assets to get work done, and exactly how they are to relate to the customers and clients that support your business. Segwik® ties them all together into one smooth customer journey.

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