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Business ownership and entrepreneurship are NOT the same thing. When small business owners first have their dream of building a business of their own, they go into the effort with all sorts of visions of how much more freedom they are going to experience compared to when they were employed by another. Stories in the media of rags to riches startup companies who are now being traded publicly fuel this fantasy. We never hear of the thousands and thousands of companies that were born and died on the vine in that same time period. Business owners, convinced of their own ability to forge a successful company launch, and quickly find that the freedom they were looking for just simply isn't there.

The business owner, now working 10-12 hours every day begins looking for solutions, eventually stumbling upon software companies offering to manage their customers, automate their marketing and grow their business. These companies are selling snake oil. No consultant, and no software company can grow your business. The business owner, who learns that he or she must become an entrepreneur, is the only person with the dream, vision, position, and capability to grow a business, brick by brick by brick.

That's where Segwik comes in. Most CRMs feel like punishment to the business owners and ESPECIALLY to the employees forced to use them. Employees are forced to toil day and night with mind-numbing data entry into software that never really feels organically tailored to their business.  Segwik on the other hand ensures that data entry is minimized, bringing together all manner of business communications into one place. This ensures that data bottlenecks and data entry are minimzed.

Segwik is the only software that allows your business to grow in an organic way. It's the only software that gives your business a structure to build upon to effortlessly move customers from no to yes, and process the delivery of their products and services. 

With Segwik, we don't just hand you the keys to the car and wish you good luck as you drive off new car lot. No business owner, unless your business is delivering CRM solutions, SHOULD BE expected to understand how to build software to help their business. Segwik consultants work with each business owner every step of the way, using our proven formula of business automation, to provide our clients with the freedom they are looking for. With Segwik, we never leave a soldier on the battlefield, and we never leave a business owner out in the cold. We ensure that each client receives the exact handholding and training they need to turn their struggling small business into a small business powerhouse.



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