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It's an open secret people hate their CRMs. It's understandable. Employees hate their company's CRM because it forces them to mindlessly enter data over and over, into multiple places multiple times, and Employers hate their CRMs, because the CRMs are not living up to their promised value. CRMs demand a lot of their users and deliver, at best, minimal value in return.  CRM, short for "customer relationship management" software, has become a ubiquitous fixture in all of business community.  Hundreds of hours are spent every year in the pursuit of the "best" or "most well-suited" CRM for one's business, and thousands of hours are spent over the course of a business' life cycle toiling towards CRM optimization.

CRM adoption can feel like chasing one's tail. Clients demand more of their CRMs, and CRMs fail to deliver what small business owners really need - control over their businesses. CRMs tend to be very "two-dimensional". You store various data about your customers and you retrieve various data and reports about your customers. They are lifeless, stoic data keepers, perenially forcing their users to feed data into the system to gain any meaningful return on investment.  Companies literally become slaves to their CRMs rather than the software doing the work it was intended to do. CRM failure usually falls into many categories. 

Vision Fails

Your CRM should be more than a glorified rolodex.  Even "super users" of CRMs fail to get much further past the stage of a pretty CRM that allows some advanced tagging of various unique customer qualities.  The number one reason why we believe CRMs fail their clients is that the client lacks a working knowledge of what they want their CRMs to do.

A properly set up CRM should:

  • mirror its client's business as closely as possible
  • create less work, not more
  • address each step of the client and internal life cycle 
  • brings together all aspects of how a business operates.
  • It should bring to one place, phone calls, texting, website forms, quoting, invoicing, charging and more
  • create a perfect analog of your business
  • a well set-up CRM should minimize the use of third-party softwares and integrations, not maximize their use.
  • most importantly, a properly set up CRM is not a lifeless piece of software living in the cloud, rather it is a projection of the entrepreneur that invented the business. It is all of the best practices that an entrepreneur thinks about constantly, that they struggle to draw from their currnet operating environment

Setup Fails

Just like you shouldn't be expected to perform a skill you were never trained to do, setting up your own CRM is very similar to producing your own video, building your own website, doing your own electrical work etc. If you have minimal training, and no guidance, you are going to receive a sub-par CRM system. With anything, its best to work with professionals who have done hundreds of set ups for companies just like yours, who understand what a CRM can do for your business. Then, with a proper focus from all stakeholders, a project is mounted to get from the beginning of non-crm use, to a fully implemnted system.

Rollout & Adoption Fails

Even the best laid plans can fall apart when they're put into motion. Experienced business coaches recognize that a business plan is only good until the day it is implemented. CRMs are very much the same. In most organizations the IT or Marketing team is tasked with researching, subscribing and building out their CRM. Despite years of experience in their chosen fields, most will find it difficult to take a 10,000 foot view of the business, see all of the moving parts, and develop a CRM workflow that fits into their business. Instead, what most end up with is a lot of data entry tasks that are assigned to various internal teams.  This is because, the lack of a 10,000 foot view results in solving "siloed" problems. Rather than a CRM experience that effortlessly moves customers through the various phases of customer engagement, notifying all stakeholders along the way of all of what is expected, what the CRM users end up with is a lot more work of data entry.

Specificity Fails

Business management software generally falls into two categories: industry specific and industry agnostic. Industry specific software is built for a very specific niche. It generally comes with many features that are unique to that industry. These softwares focus on the execution of delivering the product or service that the industry sells, which is great. They often are best at doing that. Industry specific software fails because of its narrow focus on simply the delivery of the product/service rather than focusing on the needs of the entire business. The result in the business is usually to string together many different pieces of software to handle the aspects of the business that the industry specific software did not cover.

On the other hand, industry agnostic software comes with a lot of bells and whistles that are quite impressive. But where they fail, along with all that is detailed above, is that the software feels "foreign" to its users. Because the agnostic software doesn't come out of the box using familar terms and jargon to the client's business, it never feels quite comfortable, often times being rejected by those who are hired to use the software. Multiplying this issue is the fact that when a business owner using industry agnostic software attempts to "push the boundaries" of what it can do for that particular business, and try to MAKE IT do the things that the software was not designed to do, a long term project is endeavored, and ultimately never completed, for many of the reasons detailed above.

Segwik® is the Solution

Segwik® exists to build your invention upon, you're business' erector set, ready to get to work and be creative.  While CRMs are two dimensional, Segwik is a four-dimensional solution to your business challenges. Segwik® is the perfect combination of "off-the-shelf" software, merged with the support and consulting of a custom software development team.  Segwik® not only manages data about your clients and your business extremely well, but it effortlessly tracks and reacts to your customers and business over long periods of time. With Segwik®, you dictate exactly the customer experience you wish to put into the marketplace. Segwik® gives you all the tools you need to provide a customer an amazing experience all along their journey with your business. Segwik® combines data and logic with omni-channel communications to put all of the tools your business needs to provide these experiences in one place.

Segwik® integrates into all of your communications channels, including email, calendars, phones, sms, website and more. This means far less data entry for your team, and far MORE productivity. Less time is spent with needless data entry, and more time is spent helping clients and growing your business.

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