Data Migration

Getting your data actionable quickly and accurately when you hire Segwik® for your data migration challenges


Be 10x more productive than your competition, working smarter not harder.

Data migration is frequently sited as the single biggest obstacle to moving onto a CRM/Entriprise business management platform that truly works for you. Segwik dives right in, helping source data from all of your various software and management tools to get you up and running quickly and accurately on the Segwik® platform.

Items we'll cover:

Third-party Software Data Export
Segwik® will help walk you through the exporting of all data from the various software products you are currently using. We will help export customer, lead, product, billing, invoicing, meeting history data and more.
Business Document Transcription
Every business owner has a pile of business cards sitting around collecting dust and providing no value. We show you how to get tremendous value out of your old collection of business cards. We help you organize, scan and transcribe the pile of business cards you've been keeping for years. We make that data accessible for all forms of communications, analytics, and other marketing tactics.
Employee/Users Import and Permissions Setting
Segwik® is capable of storing a great deal of information on your employees, contracts, and agents. We help organize that data to be imported into Segwik® to set up user accounts, while ensuring each user has proper access levels.
Leads, Clients, Contacts, Organizations & Service Providers Import
We help retrieve and organize data you have collected from business leads. If you have spreadsheets of client meetings, piles of business cards, business contacts in your phone, we help you export that content, and organize that content to be useful within the Segwik® environment.
Products/Services Import
In order to get the most out of Segwik® it's critical to build a proper database of your products and services. Gone are the days where you make quotes and invoices by hand in Word. You'll have a proper database, properly tracking what items are sold to what customers. We'll help organize and import that data.
Customer Purchases/Receivables History Import
Import and rebuild critical customer purchase information. Segwik® is one of the few companies around up to the task of migrating this kind of complex data from system to system in a way that is actionable quickly.
Vendors/Payables History Import
We will help import and rebuild historical vendor purchases.
Projects/Jobs/Cases History Import
For your business, perhaps the best course of action to onboard to Segwik® involves rebuilding a project or case history. This is especially important for smoothly transitioning current projects and clients.


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