Initial Setup

Getting your account up quickly and easily


Be 10x more productive than your competition, working smarter not harder.

A properly set up CRM is the key to business growth.  Segwik® believes that a company's CRM is the company's nervous system, circulatory system and brain. A proper CRM should be a mirror reflection of the ideal way your business wishes to operate. Within this suite of services, a Segwik consultant will assist and advise in the setting up of the various pieces and components you need to get going on the right foot. 

Items we'll cover:

Account Creation & User Roles Setup
Here, we set up basic contact information about your company/organization along with granting access to key staff/employees or third-parties who will be assisting with your platform setup. We discuss with you the various "roles" that people play in your organization. Examples might be "President", "Video Editor", "Real Estate Agent" or "Marketing Assistant". The idea is that your Segwik® account should mirror your business as closely as possible. We will also set up and test various email notifications like Ownership change alerts, Password Reset alerts and more.
Personas, Flags, Affiliations/Groups Setup
This is a deepdive conversation into what distinguishes and differentiates the people and businesses you deal with from one another. An ideal CRM outcome happens when clarity is brought to bear with all of your contacts.
Email Provisioning
We make sure that your Segwik® account can generate the email traffic you need to keep clients in the know. This involves generating unique codes for your domain name that allows Segwik® to send email as you.
SMS Phone Provisioning
We cover obtaining all of the phone numbers necessary to send text message blasts, use chat bots, and automate the sending of transactional SMS messages, with image embedding.
Payment Processor Setup
Having access to fast and trustworthy credit card and ACH check processing is a MUST in today's world. Segwik® will have you accepting credit cards, debit cards and bank transfers in less than 5 minutes.


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