Leads, Customers, & Contacts Automation

Multiplying your sales capabilities, ensuring nothing is left on the table


Be 10x more productive than your competition, working smarter not harder.

During this phase of our consulting our focus turns towards making sure your touchpoints with your sales leads, current clients, former clients, and other various contacts are as strong as possible. We want to focus like a laser on building out the best workflows for your various target audiences. We help you break down groups into various "personas", helping identify key distinctions between different groups of people that warrant different treatments. We analyze how these different personas move through your business process, and we attempt to bring to reality "best-in-class" contact automation for tasks, sms texts, emails, workflows and various other automations.

Items we'll cover:

Leads & Opportunity Automation
Let's turn your business into a master at lead and prospect management. The success of your business is built on your ability to manage many prospects at once, while giving each the attention they deserve. We'll focus on building out automations and workflows to multiply your efforts
Customers/Clients & Contacts Automation
If you've flown commercially within the last few years, you've experienced an ever-growing level of sophistication when it comes to customer engagement. From easy online checkout to flight reminders, to baggiage alerts, commercial aviation companies have mastered the art of client engagement. Segwik® gives you the power to have what they have. Once you have a client, let's ensure they get the kid gloves treatment they deserve. What other low-hanging fruit amongst your other contacts can we automate? Perhaps you want quarterly newsletters to investors, or regular updates to advisors. We can help automate all of these things.
Legacy Clients & Upsell Automation
For one reason or another your clients and customers will fall off the wagon. It can be very time consuming to reach out to dozens, if not hundreds or even thousands of clients of clients to bring them back into the fold. Let us work together to define automation and conversational workflows that can automate this process so that you can speak to hundreds of people with the click of a mouse.
Service Providers/Vendors Automation
Let's focus on workflows that automate your vendors and your payables. Give your vendors a portal where they can view and download POs, and where they can upload their bills to you. Segwik's Service Provider/Vendor portal forces your vendors to link their bills to your POs for easy tracking of payments and bookkeeping.
Meeting Reminders Setup
Here we'll set up SMS and Email meeting reminders so that nobody misses a meeting again.


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