Post-Transaction, & Recurring Automation

Keeping clients in-the-know long after their engagement is complete


Be 10x more productive than your competition, working smarter not harder.

This phase of our engagement platform develop is the most overlooked, but perhaps most important area for automation a client can work upon. It's here when the work is done to ensure that clients stay engaged with your business long after your engagement with them is complete. We work with our clients to develop review request automations, referral request automations and much more.

Items we'll cover:

Review, referral, and Testimonial Seeking Automation
Here is a great way to get new clients and capitalize on a job well done for your client. Automate review and referral requests from your clients.
List Segmentation
Here, we focus on logic ways to divide your various leads, customer, clients and contacts into helpful "groups" or "marketing lists" so that ideal automation sequences can be planned for each list all throughout the year.
Product/Service Extended Nurturing Automation
Here we work with you to determine what types of long term follow up sequences and workflows do you want to set for clients after they purchase certain items. Segwik® allows you to define different followup workflows depending on the products or services sold to the customer.
Upsell Automation
There's no easier sell than to an existing client. We help you identify ways that you can upsell clients in predictable ways after an engagement.
Birthday & Anniversary Automation Setup
A great way to show client appreciation as well as nurture leads is to set up birthday and anniversary engagements. Segwik® allows you to set up different campaigns depending on the client quality and other factors.
Holiday Automation Setup
Every client and prospect appreciates a well-timed holiday greeting. Rather than worry about these all throughout the year, Segwik® allows you to pre-plan holiday greetings. Never have to worry about another Christmas email blast again.
Data Gathering Campaigns
Looking to ensure your contacts database is always up to date with people's latest and greatest? Segwik's patent-pending contact update algorithm will automate emails and text message alerts to clients and leads with requests that they populate missing data that you are looking to maintain. Ask clients for self inputting their home address or their birthday. Automate the process. Segwik will continue to send to people regular reminders until all content is either confirmed or updated. Segwik will send your clients the data that we have on them so that they can see it, and they can click either a "confirm" or "update" button to quickly, easily, and securely update the info you are requesting.


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