Products & Services Setup

Figuring out your operational processes


Be 10x more productive than your competition, working smarter not harder.

At the core of Segwik's® DNA was the desire to bring together the quoting/onboarding phase of the customer journey with the project management/delivery phases of the customer journey. During the Products & Services setup portion of our consulting our focus turns toward breaking down all of the products and services you sell to focus on each step of agreeing to buy, including forms to be filled out, documents to sign, and invoices to be generated, to the various tasks and phases that become "activated" once you begin fullfilment.

Items we'll cover:

Products & Services Onboarding Forms and Agreements Setup
For every product and service that you sell, we will discuss what are the various onboarding questions, forms and agreements that customers and clients must review, sign etc in order to properly check out and begin using your service or receiving your product.
Products & Services - Basic Info Import
Segwik® is capable of project managing even the most complex of services. Segwik® was equipped with the capability of storing all of the tasks, both employee and customer tasks, that are required to deliver the various products and services you sell. For every product and service that you sell, we will discuss what are the various phases and tasks that are involved with the delivery of your products or services. We will help build out project management templates that can be instantiated effortlessly upon the sales moment, therefore making a seamless transition from quoting/onboarding to project management.


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