Sales Automation

Streamlining your sales process


Be 10x more productive than your competition, working smarter not harder.

During this phase of our consulting process we focus on the various touchpoints, automations, workflows, and communications that happen once a client or customers buys from you. We help you set up unique campaigns that can be tailored to different customers for different circumstances. Maybe you want one set of customers of a certain product to get one sequence of follow ups. Maybe you want another set of customers to receive a different sequence of follow ups. Segwik® makes it quick, easy and intuitive to set up critical follow up sequences that will help drive sales.

Items we'll cover:

Quote, Estimate, Proposal Automation
What do you want to happen when you give clients quotes? Perhaps you want to automate the follow up process? Perhaps you want to wait a week and send a cleverly composed text message follow up with a link to the quote. Get your mind focused on new prospects while Segwik® handles your quotes follow ups. With Segwik® anything's possible.
Invoicing Alerts & Reminders
What do you want to happen when you generate an invoice? Do you want to send a notification to clients to take advantage of a speedy payment discount? How rigorously do you want to follow up with client if invoices are past due? Segwik® let's you customize these sequences so that you never have to be involved in the mundane art of stalking late payments ever again.
Payment Alerts & Reminders
Client's always appreciate simple alerts and a "Thank you" from time to time. Automate thank you alerts after receiving payments from customers. Automate alerts when credit card processing fails.
Project Management Automation
In this portion of our engagement we focus on automating items like Project/Job/Case phases. Perhaps you want emails and texts to go to clients when project phases are closing and when upcoming phases are beginning. Perhaps you want a specific series of things to happen when tasks are past due. These are the things we focus on during this phase.
Client Conversion/Purchase Automation
What do you want to happen the moment a person buys from you? Do you want to send different employees an alert depending on the product? Do you want the customer to get an immediate text message thank you? Perhaps the customer can be put on a cleverly designed email nurturing campaign selected just for customers like this. With Segwik® all of that is possible and more.
Task Alerts & Reminders Automation
In this phase we focus on what you want to occur when tasks are assigned, when due dates are coming up and when due dates are passed. We can even automate alerts when statuses change, sending text messages and email alerts to the proper people.


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