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CRM • Text & Email Marketing • Phone System • Website Manager • Chat Bots • Automation • Client Portal • Tasks • Events • Intake • Quoting • Invoicing • E-Commerce • Payments • Project/Case Management • Drip/Ticklers


Segwik® believes every business, big or small, deserves their potential to be realized. Segwik® helps our clients realize their potential by automating every aspect of what their business does.

Segwik® means one place to manage your Website, SMS Text, VOIP Phones, Email, Fax, Credit Card Processing and more. You'll run your business with less software, allowing you to engage more customers, better, grow faster and be more productive.

Segwik® By Module

Logically thought-out and customizable components that work together to properly mirror your business
in a way that lends itself most to successful adoption and deployment


Business Cards Business Cards Upload business card scans, easily transcribe and convert to leads
Leads Leads Manage potential customers. Track all communications along the sales process.
Opportunities Opportunities Manage business opportunities. Track communications towards closings. Convert to quotes, proposals, estimates, SOWs, or cases.
Clients/Contacts Clients/Contacts Manage actual customers. Track all transactions and communications.
Companies/Organizations Companies/Organizations Manage businesses and groups. Organize Contacts within Organizations.
Quotes Quotes Manage quotes. Automate followups and reminders. Convert to projects and then invoice your clients.
Purchases Purchases Manage customer purchases. Automate drip campaigns post-sale.
Invoices Invoices Manage monies clients owe you. Collect online payments. Automate reminders.
Service Providers/Vendors Service Providers/Vendors Manage people you buy from. Track transactions.
Purchase Orders Purchase Orders Keep track of and stay organized with the products and services you buy from service providers.


R.F.P.s R.F.P.s Obtain proposals from your service providers. Automate reminders.
Referrals Referrals Track Referrals given and received, automate notifications
Communications Communications See all inbound/outbound email, texts, phones calls and more in one place
Products Products Intelligent management and selling of product offerings
Services Services Intelligent management and sale of labor-based service offerings
Packages Packages Combine Products and Services into complex groupings for easier marketing and sales
Tasks Tasks Manage things people need to do. Send reminders.
Custom Forms Custom Forms Create complex forms, embed wherever you need
Reports Reports See how your business is doing across all modules


Properties Properties Detailed management of home, sales, rental, and property information
Rentals Leases Rentals Leases Manage tenants and agents, on rental properties, automate follow ups and alerts
Home Sales Home Sales Manage and automate alerts, emails, tasks and workflows relative to home sales
Cases Cases Manage and automate all portions of a Legal Case life cycle
Auto Lease Auto Lease Track and save every auto lease, automate alerts prior to lease expiring


Projects Projects Move Projects through Phases, assign Tasks internally and to Clients
Subscriptions Subscriptions Sell recurring Products and Services, automate invoicing and payment processing
Payment Processor Payment Processor Charge Credit Cards and ACH, low fees.
Marketing Campaigns Marketing Campaigns Produce multi-channel Marketing campaigns, digital and traditional
Websites Websites Manage Website content and Host Websites
Event Manager Event Manager Manage Events that you plan or that you attend, track attendees, sell tickets.

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