Enterprise, Usaged-Based CRM, No Contracts
Cloud-based "Virtual Business Infrastructure"
Easy to adopt, run your business from one place


Segwik® is a suite of technologies that brings together
critical business functionalities like CRM, Automated Workflows,
and much more to one dashboard.

We call this "Virtual Business Infrastructure".

This means your business will be
more efficient and more profitable.

With fully customizable modules that fit organically into any business setting,
Segwik® dramatically increases efficincies and improves operations.

With Segwik®, your critical communications and business functionalities are accessed quickly and easily,
saving time, money, and frustration, allowing you to grow faster, with fewer tecnological roadblocks.

Segwik® By Business Endeavor

customer experience

Better and More Unique Customer Experience

email sms

Better Customer Notifications

sales funnel management

More Accountable Sales Funnel

workflow task management

More Automation, More Freedom

workflow task management

Market my business in a better way

quoting invoicing

Better Customer Transaction Management


Smarter and More Efficient Phone System

reporting analysis

Clearer and More In-Depth Reporting

project management

More Organized Project Management

human resource management

Better Human Resource Management

Content Management & Knowledgebase

Better Vendor Relationship Management


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Segwik® By Module

Logically thought-out and customizable components that work together to properly mirror your business
in a way that lends itself most to successful adoption and deployment

Standard Modules

  • leadsLeads*Manage potential customers. Track all communications along the sales process.
  • contacts Contacts* Manage actual customers. Track all transactions and communications.
  • organizations Organizations* Manage businesses and groups. Organize Contacts within Organizations.
  • vendors Service Providers* Manage people you buy from. Track transactions.
  • potentials Potentials Manage business opportunities.Track communications towards closings. Convert to quotes, proposals, estimates, SOWs, or cases.
  • tasks TasksManage things people need to do. Send reminders.
  • proposals Proposals Manage proposals. Automate followups and reminders. Convert to projects and invoices.
  • estimates Estimates Manage estimates. Automate followups and reminders. Convert to projects and invoices.
  • quotes QuotesManage quotes. Automate followups and reminders. Convert to projects and invoices.
  • invoices InvoicesManage invoices. Collect online payments. Automated reminders.
  • rfps R.F.P.sManage requests for proposals. Automate reminders.
  • rfps PurchasesManage customer purchases. Automate drip campaigns post-sale.
  • purchase orders Purchase OrdersManage purchase orders to service providers.
  • scopes of work Scopes of WorkManages SOWs. Send followups. Convert to projects.
  • calendar CalendarOrganize your business life in time.
  • reports ReportsObtain actionable intelligence.
  • communications CommunicationsCommunicate with people across email, phone sms and more.
  • knowledgebase KnowledgebaseStore important internal and public documents.
  • products ProductsManage complex products and inventory.
  • services ServicesManage complex services. Attach phases and forms.
  • packages PackagesCombine products and services into complex packages.
  • forms FormsBuild custom, complex forms.

Premium Modules

  • project manager Project ManagerManage complex projects through phases.
  • referrals Referral ManagerTrack inbound and outbound referrals.
  • media propertiesLegal CasesManage legal cases.
  • marketing campaigns Marketing CampaignsManage complex marketing campaigns across all media channels.
  • real estate Real Estate BundleManage properties, and real estate transactions.
  • payment processor Payment ProcessorSecurely process credit, debit and ACH payments.
  • business cards Business CardManage business cards for transcription.
  • subscriptions SubscriptionsManage complex recurring sales.
  • knowledgebase Content ManagerManage website or other front end content.
  • social media posting Social Media PostingPost to social media.

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Looking to sync Segwik® with existing parts of your business infrastructure? Segwik® is fully capable of integrating into any software environment via API or custom coding.


Sales Force, Zoho, HubSpot, MailChimp, Constant Contact


Quickbooks, Quicken


Wordpress, Drupal, Magento


AWS, Dropbox

Project Management

Basecamp, Asana, Trello

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Build, and run your business exactly how you need it from one platform
on the world's most adoptable S.A.A.S. platform.
It's easy to get started, we made it that way.